bicycle trip across Madagascar
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Travelling together...

I was sitting by my brother's side in front of a bungalow on the outskirts of Toliara, drawing in the rich aroma of flowers.
We were talking about the route behind us. I was happy to have been able to spend three wonderful weeks with Piotr.
Together we had travelled many miles on bicycles, visited national parks, taken photographs of lemurs
and sailed to a finishing village to watch the locals sporting their catch.
Whenever we stopped by a small shop to buy a bottle of water and some sweets,
my brother would take out his family album and show the pictures to the curious locals.
In the meantime, I would discreetly start a photo session. Very quickly, we turned from impersonal tourist
into close friends of the locals.

This is the greatest advantage of travelling by bike and it works wonders all over the world.
We absorbed the exotic world. We ate in local bars,
slept in the open air by the church on the outskirts of a village,
and bathed in a magnificent lake by a waterfall. We sheltered from the rain
under the roof of a roadside hut.

We left a part of ourselves in Madagascar only to take a piece of the island home with us.

It was a good time. Time spent with my brother.


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